Paper Rolls

Jenna Ware
Museum Director
Jenna joined a team of experienced and delightful curators as the museum’s first director in 2019. She has worked in arts management and arts education for the last 30 years in the Berkshires.

Paul John ‘Gator’ Dupuis
John has been a Crane Museum curator since 2014. Before his museum days, he worked at Crane for 41 years and six months as a machine tender, night superintendent, maintenance manager for the currency mills and project manager for engineering. John has taught the Secret Service about the process of making genuine currency. John was a Sergeant in the Air Force as a canine handler before joining Crane. John is also a championship turkey caller. He spends his free time hunting and taking his grandkids fishing.

Dennis Croughwell
Dennis has been a Crane Museum docent since 2019.  Prior to coming to the museum, he worked at Crane for 40 years as a papermaker (i.e. machine tender) at the Bay State Mill, in the Engineering Group as an electrical project manager, and as manager of Central Maintenance and Facilities Services, both with company-wide responsibilities.  He is a third generation Crane employee, following his father and paternal grandfather. As an amateur historian, Dennis enjoys collecting information and artifacts related to Town of Dalton, and the Berkshires in general, in addition to the Crane family and organization.  Dennis has previously supported the community by serving as a reserve police officer and voluntary fireman.   In addition to spending time with family, his current focus is on the continued renovation of a 1912 shingle style home located in Dalton.

Peter Hopkins
Crane Museum Historian Emeritus