Payroll 1868

Payroll list, 1868

The payroll from July 6, 1868.  Workers signed to acknowledge the receipt of their pay. Note Charles Hoose, perhaps the owner of the Fitch Hoose House.

A Charles Hoose bought the Fitch-Hoose House in 1868. He paid the sum of $150.00 for the property. The Fitch-Hoose House has been renovated and opened to the public in Dalton, MA.  The house illustrates the living conditions and communities of many African Americans as they transitioned from enslavement to freedom.
payroll list 1867

On this payroll list from April 6, 1867, Charles Hoose has ‘signed’ with his ‘mark’ rather than his name. On the 1868 payroll he has signed with his name.